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Each issue will contain                                                         Ad Size Examples:
            interviews with experts,
            analysis and commentary
            on the cannabis industry.

            Topics include:

            Quebec Industry Facts & Trends

            •  For business professionals
                and investors looking to get
                a broad view of the market
                trends and figures in Quebec.
                This section also provides
                details on how the COVID-19
                pandemic affected the
                industry and how it’s likely to
                move forward.


            •  This focuses on cannabis
                cultivators growing for medical
                and recreational markets
                looking to enhance their
                existing businesses or those
                looking to start their cultivation

            Product Manufacturers

            •  Highlights include demand
                trends, key challenges and                   Reach 5,500+
                the changing competitive
                landscape in Quebec and                      cannabis industry professionals!
                across Canada.

            Cannabis Business & Funding                   Booking and Material Deadline: November 2, 2020

                                                          Issue Date: November 17, 2020
            •  Key information on what
                investors need to know and
                what cannabis businesses                  Limited Space Available. Contact me now to book
                need to know to attract key               advertising space or to submit content:
                                                          Jean-Philippe Turgeon
                                                          Fondateur/Directeur, Expo Cannabis Montreal
                                                          (438) 800-2020  •
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