Montreal Cannabis Expo
Palais des congrès
September 14 – 15, 2021
Quebec’s premier event for the cannabis industry.

Dany Lefebvre
Leader at La Feuille Verte

Entrepreneur since 1996, Dany was named Personality of the Year – business category – of the Drummondville Chambre of Commerce Gala in 2017.
Dany was a consultant and project lead for Pharmacan (now Cronos Group,ON), Abcann (ON), In the Zone (CB) and Tweed (ON), all of which are Health Canada licensed producers.
Dany has spent the last 20 years developing his entrepreneurial skills, network, knowledge and business strategies. In 2013, he settled in Saint-Lucien and founded Vert Médical (Vert Cannabis) with Marie-Eve.
In 2015, he obtained a license from Health Canada to grow and process hemp. With the support of a federal program, he made history by introducing hemp into pet food.
In 2017, as the owner of a company with high potential but in the grip of a major cash flow crisis, he pulled off the genius move of selling his company to Canopy Growth Corp, the largest medical cannabis company in the world.
A few months later, strengthened by his past experiences, he bought “La Feuille Verte” with Marie-Eve and aimed to become the most important actor in the hemp industry in Quebec. He assembled a small, experienced, loyal and passionate team, allied himself with solidly established partners, created a Board of Directors, created a family holding company to finance his projects and fully commited himself to this new adventure.
In 2019, La Feuille Verte became the winner of the E35 Entrepreneurial Gala and won two Napoleons in the categories of business succession and transfer and industry 2 to 50 employees.
In 2021, La Feuille Verte became the winner of the E37 Gala and wins the Napoleon in the Agri-food category.